Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Photos needed for The Life You Can Save website

We are redesigning The Life You Can Save website, and we want to use photos of people who have pledged to meet the standards for giving to those in extreme poverty.

If you have pledged, and are willing to be featured on the website, please send us a photo, along with a line or two about who you are and why you decided to pledge.

We need colored photos - the more colorful the better - that are at least 600 x 400 pixels, and in shape they should be wider than they are high. They may show only you, or you and your partner or your family, and of course if you happen to have any taken when you were visiting a developing country and looking at a project to help those in extreme poverty, that would be even better.

In sending us your photo, you will be warranting that all people shown in the photo consent to have their image put on the internet (or that in the case of children, the parents or guardians consent.)

If we receive many photos, we will make a selection and run those we judge suitable at different times, so not all photos will be on display at all times.

Please email your photo or photos to


Peter Singer

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  1. Even though we have received many photos, please feel free to send new ones at any time (especially if you are a new pledger and didn't know about this opportunity before). We will put them up on the website at a later time. Please note the specifications.