Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Write us about what you are doing to save a life

Perhaps, like Adam Lerner (see the previous blog) you have done something unusual to raise money for those in extreme poverty. Or to spread the word about and encourage people to pledge.

Share your ideas. Send us your story, in anything from 100 to 1000 words, and if we think it suitable, we'll publish it here as a guest blog. You may inspire others and save even more lives.

Send it to Thanks!

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  1. Recently at my high school I helped organize our fourth 24-hour "Famine": students collected pledges and then starved themselves for 24 hours, spending a good chunk of the time at a sleepover at the school. Every year, the event has been surprisingly popular. This year we raised $3000 towards building a well with Free the Children. Peter Singer, Toby Ord, and William Easterly have (indirectly) given me advice that helped me steer my high school's humanitarian efforts away from the mistakes these kinds of things seem to gravitate towards. I think humanitarian-minded groups (e.g. Rotary International) should encourage its members to read about aid from a variety of sources. Knowing a bit about the facts, theories, and arguments can help when it comes to practical, locally-organized projects.